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Tiffany 38 Restoration

The Tiffany 38 was built in 1969 and was a wooden plank boat.

The owner had previously stripped down the cabin and hull to build a new cabin top and fiberglass the hull.

Tiffany Yachts has painted the hull and topside, installed a teak cockpit and decks, built all the wood trim for the exterior and interior, installed a pop-up control station on the bridge as well as all the electronics, installed and hooked up all the systems for the boat including the engines and generator, and finished the interior.

We enjoy giving new life to classic boats like the Tiffany 38. This boat is now for sale on our brokerage page.

New Mezzanine for Triple A a 61ft Blackwell

The owner of the Triple A decided to update his Blackwell by adding a mezzanine in the cockpit. Tiffany Yachts drew the finished product in 3-dimensions on the computer and cut out a Styrofoam mold on the CNC router.

The mold was prepped using gelcoat over polyester resin to create a lightweight, yet strong, structure. After the mezzanine was removed from the mold the teak decking was fitted. The mezzanine was then installed on the boat and tabbed into place.

Enclosure on Eastbay 43

This Grand Banks Eastbay 43 built in 2002 was open between the cockpit and the helm area. The owners wish to create a more substantial enclosure for the helm. Tiffany Yachts added windows and a door using fiberglass molded panels and teak trim.

Giant Corkscrews for White Fences Vineyard

Tiffany Yachts was given the unusual task of making a pair of 25 foot tall Corkscrews to mark the entrance to White Fences Vineyard in Irvington, VA. Each section was laid up in a mold cut on the CNC router.

Tiffany 36 Restoration

Wish is a 36 foot Express built by Tiffany Yachts in 1984. In 2007 a major overhaul was completed that involved replacing the engines, renovating the interior, helm area and cockpit.

A new hardtop was installed as well as a new teak cockpit. A layer of Corecell was applied to the hull, glassed and faired with West System Epoxy, and painted Awlgrip Black. The renovation on the interior involved redesign of the layout making the space more open.

A custom settee was built and the galley location was changed, providing more countertop space and storage. New teak countertops were built for the galley and head, as well as a custom teak sink for the head. The original Detriots were removed and replaced with Twin Yanmars, this makes the engine room extremely spacious and the engines easy to access for maintenance.

The helm area was redesigned and features hydraulically lifted electronics and a teak pod for the steering wheel and single lever controls. This boat is for sale on our brokerage page.

Welcome to Tiffany Yachts

Tiffany Yachts’ tradition of family and craftsmanship began over 70 years ago and continues to this day with a new generation. Specializing in the building of highly customized, one of a kind yachts, Tiffany Yachts can build any size yacht from 30' to 80'. Characteristic features of a Tiffany include a flared bow and beautifully crafted woodwork inside and out.

The attention to detail that Tiffany Yachts employs is what makes their designs truly works of art. Utilizing the experience gained from new construction, Tiffany Yachts provides quality service for any vessel. From routine maintenance to major refits, the Tiffany yard is equipped to handle your needs.

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