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Custom Yacht Builders in Virginia

Haul Out Services & Repairs

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88 Ton Marine Travelift

  • Accommodates Power and Sail up to 80 feet

Custom Carpentry

  • Including Cabinetry
  • Teak Cockpits and Decks

Cad Based CNC Router

  • Capable of Creating Custom Molds and Woodwork
88 Ton Travelift

New Building with 3 Bays

  • Can Accommodate boats up to 80 feet long and 36 feet tall.
3 Large Bays

Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repairs

  • Awlgrip Paint for Hull and Topside
  • Balsa and Wood Core Replacement
Replacing Rotten Core

Two Marine Railways

• Outfitted to Handle Wooden Vessels up to 60 feet

Electronics Installations

• 30 plus years of experience in Marine electronics and electrical systems

2 Marine Railways
  Awlgrip Paint Job on Hull and Topsides

Annual Marine Maintenance

• Bottom Painting

• Hull and Topside Waxing

• Brightwork

• Winterizing

• Shrink Wrapping of Large and Small Boats

• Engine Maintenance

• Sand Blasting and Blister Repair

•Winter Storage


Shrink Wrapping Available


Consider Tiffany Yachts for the repair and maintenance of your vessel whether it is a Tiffany or not. The repair yard at Tiffany Yachts is capable of handling anything from a spot gelcoat repair to the replacement of a wooden bottom, to the total refurbishment of the interior of your vessel.

Recent projects include the removal and repair of rotten balsa core in the cabin side of a Ocean Alexander. A section of fiberglass was cut away, the rotten core was removed, foam was installed, new layers of fiberglass and gelcoat were applied. The Bertram above had complete paint job, hull in Fighting Lady Yellow and topsides in Cloud White. Another project involved closing in a section of windows to the salon on a sportfisherman. Using the Faro Arm the curvature of the cabin front was recorded and a custom mold constructed. The section was fiberglassed and foamed in the mold and then installed on the boat.

Tiffany Yachts is experienced in major hull repairs of older wooden vessels. Past jobs include full bottom and frame replacement on a 1920’s Elco and a 1930’s Dawn. Another project involved resheathing and fiberglassing the hull of a Chesapeake Bay Deadrise.  Recently sections of a 40 foot Tiffany built in 1964 were replaced and the entire bottom refastened.  An ongoing project involves bringing a wooden sailboat built in the 30's back to life.  Rotten frames and boards on the bottom have been replaced and and the bottom refastened.  Repairs of this nature significantly extend the life of classic wooden vessels.

The Repair Yard at Tiffany Yachts is ready and able to handle your project no matter how large or small the project. Randy Cockrell and Gary Bryant are looking forward to hearing from you.

Lorien 1930's Sailboat Bottom Repair
Lorien 1930's Sailboat Frame Replacement
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