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Our Rich History

The origins of Tiffany Yachts date back to 1934 when Tiffany Cockrell and his father, Odis C.W. Cockrell, began building Chesapeake deadrise workboats. After Tiffany returned from serving in damage control for the Navy during World War II, he and his father continued to build boats in the summer and oyster in the winter. Two cold winters of oystering were all Tiffany needed. He told his father it was time to start building boats year round. Tiffany and his wife Betty Lee soon began building a successful pleasure boat business. In 1949 Tiffany’s father was ready to retire and turned over the reins of the business.

During the 1960’s Tiffany would have as many as 5 boats going at one time ranging from 30’ to 40’. Many of the early boats were a trunk cabin style, but when the early sportfishers began to appear on the market Tiffany followed suit. Tiffany also developed a “frog belly” design to reduce propeller slippage and allow for a shallower keel.

Tiffany Yachts in 1977
Tiffany Yachts 1977
The 70’s brought the use of fiberglass and cold-molded hulls to Tiffany Yachts. Tiffany’s children also joined the business during this time. His son Randy came out of the Navy and began helping in the design and development of the yacht construction. His daughter Becky and his son in-law Rex also joined the business. Becky began in the purchasing and parts department, and now is the business manager.
Tiffany 46 built in 1981 Cold Molded Hull
Tiffany 46 1981

Refined woodwork became a real focus in the 1980’s as Tiffany Yachts crafted yachts from 36 to 62 feet that featured elegant interiors. Randy developed his style of ample flare and sharp entry at the bow and continued the tradition of one off completely custom yachts.

In the 90’s Tiffany began to step back from the day to day operation and Randy began to build all fiberglass hulls using a one off female mold. He also began to use a CAD design program and purchased a 5-axis CNC router to aid in layup of the hull mold and many of the fiberglass parts and wood trim.
Tiffany 62 Cold Molded Hull
Tiffany 62 1987

Currently the fourth generation of Cockrells has joined the business. Becky’s daughter Laura Shackleford is running the Interior Design and Marine Canvas division. Randy’s son Taylor Cockrell is learning the ropes on boat design and fabrication. Both are interested in bringing new technology to the building of custom yachts.

May 13, 2011 marked the passing of founder Tiffany Cockrell.  His loss if felt everyday, but his legacy lives on in his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.                                             

Tiffany R. Cockrell, Founder
Tiffany R. Cockrell, Founder

The Cockrell family has built over 150 boats since the 1930’s. They are eager for the next custom Tiffany Yacht to be yours.

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