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Boats under construction in the early days.

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Evolution of Construction

Crickett II, buit for Jaws inspiration, Frank Mundus
Crickett II
Early Construction
Tiffany and his father began building Chesapeake Deadrise wooden work boats in 1934. Many were used for oystering, but some Tiffany dressed up, making them more of a pleasure boat. This same idea inspired a Chesapeake Bay round stern deadrise boat that Tiffany Yachts built in 1998.

Batten Seam Construction

After the Korean War, Tiffany was sent to the Philadelphia Navy Shipyard to teach boat repair. Tiffany learned a construction technique called “Batten Seam Construction”. Running battens are fastened along a white oak frame, and six-inch mahogany planks are attached at the battens. It was a simple and strong technique that Tiffany applied to his designs. He also used lofting, or laying out full-size, half width drawings of the hull design on the floor beside the construction area.

Wooden Battens
Plank Hull
Tiffany 44 with Batten Seam Construction
Wood Battens
Plank Hull
Tiffany 44 1973

Cold-molded Construction

In 1975 Tiffany Yachts began using a cold-molded process of wood and fiberglass bonded with epoxy resin. Cold-molded hulls simplified the construction process and reduced the weight of the boats allowing for more speed, while still allowing for one-off hull designs.

Tiffany 37 first Cold-Molded Hull
Cold-molded hull under construction
Tiffany 38, cold-molded hull built in 1999
Tiffany 36 Cold-molded hull built in 1984
Tiffany 37 1975
Cold-molded hull
Tiffany 38 1999
Tiffany 36 1984


Fiberglass Construction

Randy Cockrell developed a method of using a CAD designed one off stationary female mold in 1993 for a 72 footer. This mold produced a hand laid FRP hull consisting of a solid fiberglass bottom and foam cored sides. The addition of a 5-axis CNC router increased efficiency for the construction of the Tiffany 68 built in 2003.

Tiffany 72 Glassing the mold
Tiffany 72 Glass in Place
Tiffany 68 Stations for Mold
Glassing Mold for Tiffany 68
Installing Bridge of Tiffany 68
Tiffany 72 Glassing Mold
Tiffany 72 Hull
Tiffany 68 Stations
Tiffany 68 Glassing Mold
Installing Bridge of 68

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