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Custom Yacht Builders in Virginia

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CAD Design & Custom Carpentry

Throughout the years Tiffany Yachts has update its construction methods to stay competitive within the market. Recent updates include the addition of all new Powermatic Woodworking Equipment.  A Quintax 5-axis high speed router with Surf-Cam Software is used to make precision one-off molds for hulls and all types of inserts. With an accuracy of + .002”, the router greatly expands and increases woodworking capabilities to produce the most demanding complex shapes and intricate designs. The result is a substantial savings in cost and time, while quality is enhanced. A Faro Arm digitizer and be used in conjunction with the router technology for reverse engineering.

The router assists in the production in the following ways:
• Cuts jigs for hull and superstructure in a fraction of the time for Tiffany Yachts and other builders.
• Fiberglass parts, such as fish boxes, consoles, and decks can be built off the boat and later installed.
• Using 3-d drawing and the router, each section of a boat can be constructed in different areas of the shop and later connected. This increases productivity.
• Creates a more precise avenue for building handrails, interior trim, helm pods.
• Easily engraves custom breaker and switch panels

The signature of any Tiffany Yacht is beautiful woodwork throughout.
This is made possible by the accumulated skill of each carpenter employed. This signature is applied to each new boat built, but can also be applied to refurbishment of older vessels. A sampling of exquisite woodwork and joinery that could be applied to your project include:
• Toe Rail Scarfs
• Teak Cockpits
• Custom Cabinetry in a variety of woods
• Counter tops in wood, solid surfacing, or laminate
• Tables, Pedestals, Entry Doors made with solid wood and veneer.

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